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Digital Refractometers – Universal Concentration Meters

Digital Refractometers – Universal Concentration Meters By Angelo DePalma, Ph.D – Partial Reprint – Originally Published April 6th, 2011,  for original see Lab Manager; – Refractometers are instruments that quantify and identify chemicals and materials based on their refractive index (RI).  A unique property related to the speed of light as it passes through a substance, RI (Refractive Index) 

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Digital Refractometer, Rudolph Research J47 Press Release

Digital Refractometer, New from Rudolph Research; The J47 is Temperature correcting, and designed for the Sugar and Food industries. Very fast measurement Simple to load, simple to measure, simple to clean Result independent of operator judgment Rugged, reliable, and perfect for high throughput applications in the sugar and food industries. Accurate, on-board temperature correction Lower

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Refractometers, Polarimeters, and Density Meter Service & Maintenance Programs

Refractometers, Polarimeters, and Density Meter Service & Maintenance Programs Whether you buy a Refractometer, Poalrimeter, Density Meter, Saccharimeter, or automated system, we protect your investment by providing exceptional service, for over 30 years. Even though many laboratory instrument manufacturers stop servicing their equipment after just 10 years, Rudolph Research Analytical is still servicing instruments built

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