Alcohol Laboratory Testing Solutions

Alcohol producers have all the demands of manufacturing a constant product with the added burden of making a product that must comply with government measurement and labeling guidelines. In most countries, the production of alcohol is highly regulated and tax reporting must be accurate. Government prescribed measurement methods can be very slow and require laboratory skills to produce an accurate measurement.Rudolph addresses the need for alcohol producers to make fast, accurate measurements at various stages during the production process. Rudolph also addresses government requirements, by providing certified instruments that will keep your production facility in full compliance.

The Problem – Efficiency, Regulation and Taxes

Alcohol manufacturers operate in a competitive world. They must keep costs under control and keep production operating efficiently to ensure profitability.However, manufacturers must report correct % ABV values and must do this to the satisfaction of the local government authority. Many governments require testing methods such as distillation, which are very slow and can significantly disrupt production.

Alcohol Testing Solution

The AlcoTest®RI offers a certified government compliant method and a rapid non-certified method to read % ABV. Certified results can be used for taxation purposes and will serve as the benchmark method. Using the “Production Method” you can measure alcohol content, without distillation, and also read the sugar content which is the source of most obscuration in flavored alcohol beverages. It just takes a few keystrokes to move between the certified Government Compliant Method and Production Methods.


Principle of Operation

Regulatory method – Vodka and similar products. Vodka is a mixture of alcohol and water.

The density of water and alcohol are well known, so the user simply measures a sample in the density meter and the measurement display shows % ABV. Different countries use different scales and even different expressions of the same scale. AOAC ABV is used in the USA, OIML ABV is used in Europe, the UK uses Proof, Canada uses ABV, and the Japan Taxation Department uses AOAC Proof. These are just a few of the many scales that can be used to present % alcohol.

Obscuration SpiritsRegulatory method – Other Products. The difficulty with many alcohol products today is that other ingredients besides alcohol and water are included in the final product. These other ingredients are important because they add unique tastes and aromas with improved “mouth feel”. The consumer likes these additional ingredients which are generally sugar and flavorings but they obscure the % alcohol and alter the density measurement. The USA TTB solution is for the user to distill the sample before measurement in a density meter. This distillation process is time consuming and can take as long as 2 – 3 hours according to the US TTB. At the end of the process, the user has an alcohol water mixture which they can measure in the density meter in the same way they would measure straight alcohol. Accuracy in regulatory mode is dependent on the model of density meter that the Alcotest-RI® is built around.

Production Mode – Other Products In Production Mode, the Alcotest-RI® also measures the refractive index. Refractive Index (RI) is a proven measurement used to estimate the amount of other ingredients in the sample and correct the density meter measurement for their effect on the % alcohol value. Production Mode allows a user to obtain a result in less than 2 minutes with no sample pre-treatment. Accuracy in Production Mode is sample dependent, but is often comparable to the results obtained using a standalone density meter and distillation step.

Testing Alcohol Proof Balanced with Fast Production

The AlcoTest®RI is designed to help the person in charge of an Alcohol Laboratory balance the need for both compliance and profitability. Government regulators don’t care how long it takes to make measurements,they don’t care how many resources are needed in the compliance process, they simply want accurate results done according to the approved method. The owner of the factory is interested in accurate measurements as well, but they see the laboratory as a cost center needed for compliance and meeting government regulations should be done with as few resources as possible. The AlcoTest®RI responds to the need for fast results and the need for high accuracy government compliant measurements.

Alcohol Beverages and related Applications

High Proof Spirits including Bourbons, Straight Spirits and Flavored Spirits

Spirits-GlassManufacturers of spirits are generally subject to the highest tax rates and benefit the most from the use of the AlcoTest®RI. With the recent explosion in the growth of flavored or obscured spirits, the ability to make specialized methods for each product will mean that the number of distillations a lab needs to do can be dramatically reduced. The AlcoTest®RI is the perfect solution to help with this. Instead of making 2, 3 or even 4 distillations on a batch of flavored product, the AlcoTest®RI can reduce that number to one.

AlcoCalc LogoThe AlcoCalc® option allows the AlcoTest®RI to be used for calculating dilutions of alcohol and water solutions. The AlcoCalc® feature will automatically calculate for you the amount of water to dilute a high %ABV solution to a desired %ABV based on known tables, or how much alcohol to add in order to recreate the %ABV


There are many, non approved, quick methods for wine analysis. While wine alcohol content Wine Glass is often not as critical for wine as it is for spirits there are still regulatory requirements. Depending on the country there may be a point above a certain alcohol level that the tax rate changes (16.0 % ABV in the USA). It is critical for a winery to use an approved method when they are producing product near that point. Some of the non-approved methods are geared more toward measuring other components in wine and may provide % ABV but not with the accuracy available with the AlcoTest®RI.

Alcopops / RTD’s  (Canned and Bottled Alcoholic Beverages)

RTD-AlcoPops Bottle

Many very successful soft drink manufacturers are expanding into ready to drink alcoholic beverages, RTD’s. Beverage companies traditionally focused on monitoring Brix, but this value is now obscured by alcohol. The correct Brix value in their soft drink manufacturing process is very important to taste and can be maintained by correcting for the alcohol in the product obscuring the measurement. The AlcoTest®RI solves this problem, by measuring the Brix value as if no alcohol were present.

Flavors / Flavorings

Flavors for Alcohol BeveragesThe growth of flavored alcohols is an opportunity for flavor manufacturers. The relatively short production runs and high cost of these new alcoholic beverages means that supplying flavors to this area can be very profitable. Making test beverages can be more complicated than with nonalcoholic beverages. The AlcoTest®RI eliminates this complexity making alcohol drinks as simple to measure as soft drinks. Best of all, the AlcoTest®RI is built on top of an instrument that is already used by flavor companies for measurement of Specific Gravity and Refractive Index of flavors. The methods for doing these tests are included in the standard AlcoTest®RI

Alcoholic Beverage Sample Handling Options

AlcoTest®RI with Syringe Sample Loading

Loading your sample with a simple syringe is often the preferred configuration for distilleries and many flavor companies. It is the least expensive configuration and uses the lowest sample volume. It also allows the measurement of extremely viscous or rheopectic samples which can be important in flavor companies.

Alcohol Testing Solutions

AlcoTest®RI with the MM-Peri Pump Option.

For faster throughput and easy system cleaning the MM-Peri option allows the user to draw a sample from nearly any vessel including a bottle, load the sample via a Peri-Pump, measure and then rinse the system with the same speed and ease as the pump loading. Fast and ensures a thorough rinse, clean and drying every time.

AlcoTest®RI with fully automated R837 Autoflex®

The AutoFlex® R837 is Rudolph’s most advanced highest throughput automation solution. It is ideal for laboratories with 40 to over 100 samples per day. While many smaller labs do not need the throughput of the AutoFlex® R837 initially it is possible to purchase a more basic system and upgrade later. For more information on the R837. See R837 Technical Bulletin # TB937.

AlcoTest®RI – Specifications


DDM 2910
Accurate to 0.0001 g/ml density
Accurate to 0.1 %ABV

DDM 2911
Accurate to 0.00005 g/ml density
Accurate to 0.05 %ABV

Accurate to 0.00001 g/ml density
Accurate to 0.01 %ABV