Rudolph’s Line of Automatic Refractometers

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Refractometer Video, Transcript

Overview of the Rudolph Research Refractometer Product Line

Hi, I am Peter Marriott, from Rudolph Research Analytical, product manger of the most innovative line of refractometer instruments made today. Yes we have a refractometer for your application, and we are here to help you select the right one.

Rudolph Research has been a global provider and manufacturer of quality analytical instruments for many decades and was originally started in 1930.

Rudolph Innovations and Milestones (Scrolling list in half screen)

1930’s – Rudolph Research begins selling instruments.

1940’s – Rudolph Research designs and manufacturers Polarimeters in the United States.

1950’s – Polarimeters become Semi-Automatic

1970’s – Polarimeters begin evolution to fully automatic

1980’s – Rudolph Research begins selling laboratory instruments globally.

1990’s – Rudolph eliminates the need for a water bath to control sample temperatures in all instruments.

1990’s – Rudolph expands sales and service network all across the globe to serve customers anywhere they are doing business.

1999    – Rudolph Research introduces the J series of line of automatic refractometers.

2007    – Rudolph Research introduces the DDM 2911 Automatic Density Meter featuring the Patent Pending VideoView technology.

2010   – Rudolph Research adds Patent Pending “Smart Measure” the first system to monitor sample load quality for a refractometer.

Our guiding focus has been on Quality, Integrity, and Innovation all with a Global delivery system to reach our customers anywhere they choose to do business.

Quality – Rudolph Research adheres to the highest industry standards industry and is NVLAP accredited. The benefit to you is an instrument that will not only meet your application requirements but is designed to remain in service for up to 20 years.

Integrity – We not only endeavor to design and build best-in-class instruments we stand behind them with a 20 year agreement to service each instrument we sell. We want you to purchase the right equipment, and remain satisfied for years to come.

Innovation – New and constant demands arise from applications, regulations, and needs for efficiency. As a constant innovator Rudolph Research stays aware and ahead of these demands, so you don’t have to.

Global Reach – We have long recognized that our customers are engaged in business all over the world. To meet their needs we have continuously invested in our infrastructure to support our instruments anywhere our 2,000 customers may be doing business.

Bringing years of successfully experience with laboratory instruments, Rudolph Research entered the Automatic Refractometer market with bold new innovations, and features.

Competitors were left behind to keep up while Rudolph continues to release even more capable instruments.

Rudolph Research leads Refractometer Development with Innovation

  • Superior temperature control
  • Easier use for all users
  • Elimination of water baths
  • Lower “Life of instrument” costs
  • Increased accuracy
  • Easy to clean “Shallow Sample Well” design
  • Expanded measurement ranges.
  • Durable Sapphire Prisms
  • User Friendly – Digital interfaces.
  • Long Life light sources
  • Application specific configurations
  • Expanded instrument life expectancy
  • Sample Quality monitoring via Smart MeasureTM
  • Measurement unit isolation
  • Industry specific configurations
  • Easier integration into automated systems

The latest Rudolph Research line of refractometers are designed around innovations that increase performance, accuracy, and ease of use no matter what you are measuring.

Our aim is to save you time, and thus save you money.

We know you will make your refractometer purchase decision based on specific needs demanded by your application.

Thus our instruments are engineered so you know the instrument you buy will measure the sample you need to measure, under the conditions you need operate in.

We understand your application requirements and will help you make the right purchase decision, no matter what industry you work in:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Sugar Milling, Refining, Processing
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical and Toxicology Testing
  • Petroleum, Petrochemical
  • Flavor, Fragrance, Cosmetics

A variety of factors are considered when trying to select the right refractometer­­.

That is why Rudolph Research has developed 6 refractometer models, each in various configurations, allowing you dozens of industry specific options to choose from.

The Rudolph Research Advantage:

Why switch to a Rudolph Research Refractometer?

We have and will help you select the correct instrument for you application.

What are your concerns:

Is it ease of use?

Compliance and documentation?

Instrument longevity?

Temperature control

Harsh environment?

Life of instrument cost?


Hard to measure samples?

Inexperienced operators?

Unstable samples?

Refractometers From Rudolph Research Offer:

Easy to use and easy to read interface. User errors are dramatically reduced and you save time.

Full 21CFR compliance and multiple data storage options. Confidence, even in today’s highly regulated environment

20 Year instrument service availability. 3 Domestic Year guarantee

Advanced and automatic temperature regulation. Reduces inaccuracies.

Configurations for the harshest environments

Long Life light sources and rugged Sapphire prisms combined with leading instrument quality and durability

No one offers more accuracy.

Know that your results are within specification, every time. Save material costs, or ensure batch quality.

Measure any known substance!

Load and go one touch sample measurement with minimal learning curve. Preset methods virtually lock-out the possibility of user errors.

Highly controlled micro-environment test-wells control difficult samples and their measurement temperature.

We are problem solvers and enjoy the challenge of helping you select the right instrument – no matter what your situation may be.

We know your instrument will perform as you expect it to for years to come.

As you continue to review our products remember we are here help you make an instrument selection at any time.

Just give us a call so we can get started helping you select one of Rudolph’s problem solving refractometers.

We welcome your inquiry and hope to add you to our user list of over 5,000 customers.