Rudolph Acquires Octapol® from Baddley Chemicals for an Exciting New Synergy

Sugar Reagent Octapol® and the owner of Baddley Chemicals , Bill

Baddley Chemicals Inc. has been an innovator and key supplier to the sugar industry since 1998. After recognizing a new solution was needed to replace sugar reagents that contained toxic Lead Subacetate, Dr. Bill Baddley embarked on finding a suitable solution for safely clarifying sugar-bearing juices. After considerable research and testing Dr. Baddley came to a formulation that performed as well or better than the current toxic sugar reagents but no longer contained any lead. Thus, the introduction of Octapol®, a proprietary, lead-free, biodegradable non-toxic product. This new product was named OCTAPOL®, based on the proprietary formulation consisting of a mixture of eight chemicals (OCTA-) and also for its use in clarification prior to polarimeter (-POL) measurement of cane and beet juices.

For the past 24 years Baddley and Octapol® have served the sugar industry well by providing a high quality, safe, and effective reagent for clarifying cane and beet sugar juices. One of the most innovative and foundational improvements in sugar cane and beet juice measurement for total sugar concentration ever made.

When planning their retirement, Bill and Gwyn Baddley wanted to leave their business in the hands of a respected and capable company.  After they met with Peter Marriot VP of Rudolph Research Analytical and other senior management, they felt confident that Rudolph was a perfect fit. An agreement was made for Rudolph to manufacture Octapol®, assume the responsibilities of distribution and ultimately purchase the company as of March 30th 2022.

After 24 years of working with sugar customers all over the world, Bill and Gwyn wish to thank you as they are most grateful for your support and loyalty!

Rudolph Research Analytical

Rudolph is a highly respected, worldwide manufacturer of high accuracy laboratory instrumentation. With roots in sugar purity testing dating back to before the 1970’s. Rudolph is a multi-generational, privately held company with its main office in Hackettstown, NJ and 5 offices around the world and partners operating in over 80 countries.


Rudolph’s Saccharimeters and Refractometers are considered the Industry Standard in many markets around the world. The Rudolph brand is accepted and respected in most sugar producing countries: Brazil, Ethiopia, Thailand, Guatemala, Mexico, the Philippines, South Africa and the United States. Rudolph’s decades of knowledge, experience and insight will be naturally synergistic with world’s most widely respected sugar clarifying reagent; Octapol®.

Rudolph Research Analytical - Saccharimeter

Rudolph brings scale to the Octapol® product by investing in increased manufacturing capability, operational efficiencies, and a true worldwide distribution network. In advance of completely taking over the day-to-day operations to produce Octapol®, Rudolph has already made several investments to ensure product availability, increased distribution reach. Rudolph’s team of scientists has also developed new quality control methods that will improve product consistency. Rudolph has invested to expanded manufacturing capacity by a factor of 500%. All this to assure customers that Octapol® will be in-stock and available for immediate delivery.  which will increase product availability so that product is in stock and ready-to-ship.


From both Rudolph and Baddley Chemical we appreciate your support and plan to continue to earn your business every day.

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