Gibson Wine Company

Hi Rick,
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all things that you and your team have done for us. From day one that I contacted you to inquire about your Alco Test, you and your team have been very helpful to our organization. I was looking for a new device that can help us take Alcohol readings on all our products, which range from High proof to still wines, desert wines and non-beverage salted wines. After comparing 4 different Alcohol testing devices, yours was by far the most reliable and the one that can give us more for the money we were paying for the device. In addition to get Alcohol content readings from your Alco Test, we are able to get many other readings at the same time with the same sample, such as Brix content, Specific Gravity among the many options available. It is really friendly user and it has many options to track and download the results to our PC to have all the results handy, and we can also print the results on a letter headed form with our company information which makes it look really professional. I would recommend your AlcoTest device to anyone in the Wine Industry because it is a really good device to get accurate Alcohol content readings to be incompliance with TTB. When we compare it with the Anton Paar Alcohol Meter, we find out that we got more consistency and accuracy from the Rudolh Research Analytical device, and it is a really robust device that anyone can use it all they long if they have too.

Pablo A Avalos