AUTOPOL® III Polarimeter

The AUTOPOL® III Polarimeter is Rudolph’s two wavelegnth Pharmaceutical and Research grade Automatic Digital Polarimeter. The Autopol®III offers Dual Wavelengths and accuracy similar to Rudolph’s more advanced models, but with a simplified interface. Just place your cell in the sample chamber, press the Start Key and get 5 results in less than 25 seconds. It’s that easy.

Autopol® III Polarimeter Standard Features:

  • Accuracy 0.002° Arc up to 1°,  0.2% above 1°, 0.01° Z(ISS)
  • 589nm and 546nm wavelengths. (A total of 2-4 wavelengths may be ordered initially or as needed)
  • Complete Accessory Package with IQOQPQ documentation, 2 user selectable sample cells, and 1 NIST traceable calibration standard with NIST certificate.
  • Built in thermoprobe for temperature measurement.
  • Temperature Probe is covered with a micron thick glass coating to stand up to high molar Hydrochloric Acids used by some pharmaceutical labs.
  • Windows Embedded for direct connection to the network server and flexible USB Printing.

Optional Features:

  • TempTrol™ Automatic Electronic Heating & Cooling 15° – 40°C ±0.2°
  • 405nm, 436nm, and 578nm, wavelengths. (A total of 2-4 wavelengths may be ordered initially or as needed)
  • AP Accuracy Option: 0.002° up to 10° Arc
  • AP Resolution Option: 0.01, 0.001°, 0.0001° Arc Selectable.


A cGLP/GMP compliant printout, which includes the temperature of the sample is generated by pressing the Print/Send Key after the measurement is finished.

Autopol® III Polarimeter Accessory Packages

The Autopol® III Polarimeter comes standard with one of the three different Polarimeter Accessory Packages shown below. Each Package includes a NIST Traceable Calibration Standard and Certificate, two Tungsten Halogen Lightsource lamps and an alignment target, but different cell configurations. You select the package that is right for your lab.

Accessory Package A includes one 100mm, 6ml glass center fill cell and one 100mm, 6ml glass center fill stainless steel jacketed cell. This is our most popular package, as cell windows can be removed and cleaned to avoid sample residue build up. All cells in this package are compatible with acids.

Accessory Package B includes one 50mm glass jacketed fixed end cell and one 100mm glass center fill cell with removable windows. Fused end cells avoid improper assembly by untrained users, but are very fragile and difficult to clean. All cells in this package are compatible with acids.

Accessory Package C is designed for small volume and durability and is very popular with universities. Each cell has a lifetime warranty against breakage, is easily filled and cell windows can be removed, cleaned and replaced if necessary. Cells are available in 50mm, 100mm and 200mm length versions. Cell volumes range from 0.5ml to 15ml.


All Rudolph Instruments carry our exclusive 20 Commitment to service your instrument.

Rudolph Research Analytical offers a comprehensive range of Preventive Maintenance and Service Programs. Rudolph has demonstrated a commitment to its customers by keeping installed instruments operational, not only for 20 years, but in some cases for over 40 years. This long-term commitment to keeping our instruments running makes the cost of ownership, over the life of a Rudolph Instrument, one of the lowest in the laboratory market segment. At the date this document was published, there is no other laboratory instrument manufacturer guaranteeing service and technical support for 20 years. View the entire 20 Service Guarantee. 

Autopol III – Specifications

Autopol III Specifications
Measuring Mode

Optical Rotation
Specific Rotation
Specific Rotation Plus Concentration
User Defined Scale
Sugar Degrees

Measuring Scale

Degrees Arc Optical Rotation


0.001° Arc Optical Rotation
0.001% Concentration
0.001 Specific Rotation


0.002° Arc up to 1°
0.2% above 1°
0.0 1° Z (ISS)

AP Acccuracy Option

Accuracy ±0.002° up to 10°
±0.004° 10° - 89 ° Arc Optical Rotation

AP Resolution Option

AP Selectable Resolution: 0.01, 0.001, 0.0001° Arc


0.002° Arc Optical Rotation

Measuring Range

± 89° Arc Optical Rotation
± 999.99° Arc Specific Rotation
0-99.9% Concentration


Glan Thompson Calcite

Optical Wavelengths

Optional Wavelengths 365nm, 405nm, 436nm, 578nm.

Wavelength Selection

Touchscreen Selectable:
2 standard, 4 Optional

21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Software

Yes with optional PC Software

Temperature Control

By external water bath (Standard)
TempTrol™ Automatic Electronic Heating & Cooling 15° – 40°C
±0.2° C (Optional)

Temp. Probe Measurement Range

10° - 100°C

Temp. Probe Measurement Accuracy


Measurement Time

5 measurements in less than 25 seconds (avg.)

Light Source

Tungsten-halogen 6V, 20W, avg. 2,000 hour life

Sample Chamber

Accepts sample tubes up to 200mm

Data Storage

32 GB Non-removable Compact Flash

Communication Interface

3- USB Ports, 1-USB 3.0
2- RS232 serial ports,
Ethernet Port for Network Communication


Automatic calibration via touchscreen

Operating System

Windows Embedded


8 inch Color, 800 x 600 pixel resolution with 400 nits of brightness.

User Interface


Automatic Sensitivity Control

Measures samples with transmittance as low as 0.01% (up to O.D. 4.0)

Input Power

100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz

Operating Dimensions

24.3"W x 12.7"H x 17"D,
617mm W x 323mm H x 432mm D

Shipping Dimensions

36"W x 19"H x 21"D
923mm W x 487mm H x 538mm D

Operating Weight

42 lbs. (19.05 kg)

Shipping Weight

72 lbs. (32.6 kg)

Calendar/Clock Functions

Battery-backed clock; time and date sent to computer & printer