Painted Stave

Hi Mike,

Thank you for the excellent service you’ve provided throughout ordering, installing and updating our DDM2911 Plus (Density Meter). As you know, we primarily employ the DDM2911 Plus to proof the spirits we craft in our distillery. In our industry, our governing body, the TTB, requires 0.02% Ethanol accuracy for testing of % Ethanol in wine, beer, and spirits for the purposes of taxation and labeling. For several months we tested the DDM2911 Plus, side by side, against the Anton Paar DMA 5000 M. In the end, we found the performance of the DDM2911 Plus to be superior in a number of categories, and in the end, its accuracy, repeatability, and intuitive user interface sold us.
We have, and will continue to recommend Rudolph’s DDM2911 Plus to other members in our industry. It is an outstanding instrument that comes with outstand technical support. Thank you again for your help and ongoing support. We certainly enjoy your visits and look forward to the next time you pass through.


Ronald R. Gomes, Jr., Ph.D.
CEO Legacy Distilling, LLC dba Painted Stave Distilling