AutoFlex® R837 – A  Flexible Automated Laboratory Sample Handling System for Labs

Total Flexibility for high throughput labs measuring  Density, Specific Gravity, Refractive Index, Color, and pH utilizing the R837 Automated Laboratory Sample Handling System.

  • Push the Start button and Measure Density, Specific Gravity, Refractive Index, Optical Rotation, Specific Rotation, Color, and pH. All results are exported automatically to your Network, LIMS, or SAP system with a sample ID number.
  • Exclusive Feature – Flexible Sample Vials: Test Tubes, Boston Rounds, 1 OZ, ½ OZ, virtually any size bottle.
  • Exclusive Feature – Flexible rack configurations including heated and unheated samples on the same carousel.
  • Exclusive Feature – Flexible Method Selection: Suction Mode, Pressure Mode, 3 variable rinse selections and endless drying time options.
  • Exclusive Feature – Full inside and outside needle cleaning
  • Exclusive Feature – Windows Embedded OS with automated data collection
  • Exclusive Feature – Method driven with multiple methods available on the same carousel – your most utilized measurements are always ready to run.
  • Exclusive Feature – Urgent sample capable – Interrupt a sample routine at anytime to make a single sample measurement.

Automated Laboratory Sample Handling - Autoflex R837

Smart Sample Loading Technology

  • SMART TECHNOLOGY™ automatically adjusts pump speed ranging from thin to high viscosity samples up to 36,000 mPa-s (cP).
  • A heated rack option handles heavy crudes and waxes.
  • Standard Methods: Define measurement configuration, Sample load configuration (Vacuum or Gas Displacement) solvent choices, and drying time.
  • No Loss of Accuracy or Reproducibility over manually loaded samples.

Dnsity Meter - Refractometer - Auto Sampler

Flexibility Unmatched with embedded Windows®

The user interface allows the operator to interrupt a measurement routine with an urgent sample. If you need to quickly find and measure a sample in the rack, the auto-find feature will search and measure for you.

Laboratory Automation - Configuration Screen

Flexible Rack Configurations for Your Application

Rudolph Research can provide a sample rack configured to the bottles used in your laboratory so there is no decanting. It is as easy as sending us your bottle and we will manufacture customized racks for your lab.

Laboratory Automation Samples


Custom Bottle Rack for Laboratory Automation

Custom Laboratory Sample racks

Custom double row automation rack

The Autoflex® R837 is Engineered to work better and built to last

  • Superior Material Construction: Stainless Steel Needle, PTFE, Teflon, and PEEK liquid flow path materials.
  • Robust needle with a sufficient torque to pierce any septum.
  • Never miss piercing a sample vial with precision engineered probe arm and sample racks which virtually eliminate misalignment errors.
  • Safety guard protects hands, and automated needle detects no-sample condition.
  • Modular design reduces combined footprint.

Eliminate sample cross contamination with complete
needle cleaning – a Rudolph Exclusive Feature

Self-cleaning needle eliminates cross contamination by washing both inside and outside areas of the needle between each sample. Most
commercially available automation systems only flush the inside of the sample needle but neglect cleaning the outside of the needle thereby
carrying over small amounts of the prior sample into new samples.

  • The R837 rinses the entire system with your choice of 3 solvents between each sample.
  • Low solvent level sensing: The 3 solvent bottles have non-contact low level sensor which will prompt the user
    with a low solvent level message.
  • Sample return feature: Allows 95% of the original sample to be returned to the sample vial.
  • Solvent selection flexibility: By using highly solvent resistant materials for all sample pathways a wide variety of solvents may be used including; Water, Acetone, Isopropanol, Toluene, Hexane, and Heptane.

Laboratory Automation Diagram


All Rudolph Instruments carry our exclusive 20 Commitment to service your instrument.

Rudolph Research Analytical offers a comprehensive range of Preventive Maintenance and Service Programs. Rudolph has demonstrated a commitment to its customers by keeping installed instruments operational, not only for 20 years, but in some cases for over 40 years. This long-term commitment to keeping our instruments running makes the cost of ownership, over the life of a Rudolph Instrument, one of the lowest in the laboratory market segment. At the date this document was published, there is no other laboratory instrument manufacturer guaranteeing service and technical support for 20 years. View the entire 20 Service Guarantee. 


R837 AutoFlex – Automated Laboratory Sample Handling – Specifications