Tom’s Town Distilling

To Whom It May Concern:

The DDM-2911 Plus has been an excellent addition to our lab. It allows us to quickly and accurately measure proof down to 2 decimal points. When we are just doing cursory checks on tanks and barrels we use a quick check setting that typically takes less than 60 seconds. When using the instrument for final proofing we have a method that mirrors the TTB’s and takes three measurements to give us the most accurate values of any benchtop density meter available to distillers today. This allows us to know that our proofing checks are well within the TIB guidlines and our labels are always accurate. With everything else that I have to do in a day, it’s one thing less to worry about. Between the time savings and the leasing program offered through Rudolph this piece of equipment more than pays for itself. The service provided to us by Samantha Morales is impeccable; she spent several hours showing me all the capabilities of this instrument before I ever committed to buying. She returned once our unit arrived to train our staff on every aspect of the DDM-2911 Plus and has also been there to answer any and every question that has come up since our purchase; having someone so knowledgeable and responsive has made all the difference.

It has been a pleasure working with Rudolph Research and I can imagine that we will be satisfied customers long into the future.

Robert Vossmeyer
Head Distiller