ASTM D4052 – Petroleum Testing with Auto Sampler

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ASTM D4052 – Petroleum testing and Auto Sampler

Easy solutions for the Petroleum Industry by Rudolph Research Analytical Compliance with ASTM D4052 requires the correct equipment – Autoflex R837 is the only Automation solution that offers FULL automated process for your Petroleum Samples.

No operator judgment involved in making decisions whether a test passed or failed.

An excerpt of ASTM D4052-15 is as follows: “12.2.2 When using an autosampler, it is required, based on the results obtained in the 1999 ILS to analyze gasoline or RFG samples using two separate test specimens per sample, in order that errors due to potential sample handling of volatile materials and potential bubble formation may be detected and the system performance monitored.
The Autoflex R837 system not only complies with ASTM D4052 but it also makes sure and detects potential bubble formation by providing a PASS/FAIL indication.

ASTM D4052 Auto Sampler

ASTM D4052 refers to the proper method of making measurements with a Density Meter and Auto Samplers – Here is how it works!

Select your sample rack from the main screen, Input your sample name or ID. (Gasoline – ASTM Crude Oil CO 1603)

If you wish you can choose a different pumping method.
First test specimen is drawn from the sample container and automatically injected into the Density Meter’s glass cell
and the results are recorded in the Density meter´s memory once your sample is measured.

Once your sample has been measured, the system is rinsed and dried to prepare for the next sample.

Then, to comply with ASTM D4052 the second test specimen is drawn from the sample vial to perform the automatic comparison between the two specimens.

Once the second measurement is complete, you will quickly be able to see your results as a Pass or Fail.
Once the second sample is measured, the system will again perform a rinse and dry.

You can use this feature for other types of samples like crude oils.
The glass cell with exceptional clarity shows a bubble free injection, even for dark samples!

After your measurement has been made the needle is then moved to rinse.
The needle gets cleaned inside and outside – through exclusive cleaning and drying techniques ensuring that the next sample does not get cross-contaminated as other systems do.

Leaving the system totally cleaned and dried for the next sample.
The Autoflex R837 gives you the flexibility to view your results at any time as they are permanently stored in instrument´s memory. You can either filter by Sample ID, Lot ID, Operator, Date, etc.

You may produce a Certificate of Analysis for any particular sample. You can design the certificate to include adding your Company’s name, logo, Operator and Supervisor´s signature.
The Autoflex R837 makes it easy for the Petroleum Industry to comply with ASTM D4052 as a PASS/FAIL indicator cannot be ever modified.

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