Rudolph Research Polarimeter Cell Fill Station™

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Rudolph Research Polarimeter Cell Fill Station™

Polarimeter Sample Cell Fill Station designed for accurate bubble free filling of the Rudolph Research Polarimeter Cells.. For use when holding the cell is not desired and for working with caustic materials.

The Rudolph Research Polarimeter Mobile Fill Station

Rudolph Research Polarimeter Sample Cells are designed to be easily filled and easily cleaned. Air bubbles should not be left in the sample cell as this will have an adverse effect on measurements.

When held at the correct angle and filling the cell from the bottom inlet port, the cell is easily filled with almost no possibility of leaving any air in the cell. Filling from the bottom up forces any air bubbles up and out ahead of the sample.

Your cell is now filled and air bubble free.

Rudolph recommends that Polarimeter Cells should never be filled in the instrument to avoid damage due to spillage of strong acids or bases.

To avoid damage to the instrument sample cells should be filled in the Rudolph Mobile Fill Station, over the sink, or under a fume hood.

For users who prefer not to hold the cell when working with caustic samples the Rudolph Mobile Fill Station should be used.

By design, the filling station will hold the cell at a suitable angle. Simply place the Polarimeter cell in the filling station and again fill the cell from the lower inlet.

As the cell becomes fully loaded and sample begins to appear at the upper inlet, cap off the upper, then lower inlets. Your cell is now fully loaded and air bubble free. The filling station includes a light that will go from darker to bright white when the cell is filled and air-bubble free.

The Rudolph Polarimeter Mobile Fill Station accessory is available for all Rudolph Autopol Polarimeters and is included free with Autopol V, Autopol VPLUS, and Autopol VI Polarimeter Models.