Rudolph Research Polarimeter Product Line Overview

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Rudolph Research Analytical is a global supplier of Automatic, Temperature Controlled Bench-Top Polarimeters with an installed user base in 80 countries throughout the world. Rudolph sells more polarimeters than the next 2 manufacturers combined.

Rudolph has roots that date back to the 1940’s and is dedicated to supplying high quality, innovative instruments to laboratories in over 80 countries. As a market leader, customers point to the following reasons for purchasing a Rudolph Polarimeter:

  • The widest range of instruments in the market place. Over 8 models each with many optional features and configurations.
  • Knowledgeable staff helps you make the right selection.
  • A written 20 year commitment to service your instrument.
  • Easy to use, easy to operate.
  • 3 Year US Domestic Warranty.
  • Only Rudolph offers NIST traceable calibration standards.
  • Patented and exclusive TempTrolTM Electronic Temperature Control.
  • Several sample loading options from assisted to fully automatic sample loading.
  • The user friendly WindowsTM embedded OS
  • While some Polarimeter manufactures choose to use low quality thin film plastic sheet polarizers, Rudolph Autopol Polarimeters are manufactured with high quality Glan Thompson Calcite prisms which will not degrade over time and are guaranteed for the life of the instrument.

Rudolph has the right Polarimeter for your application. Are you a

  • University or education Lab
  • A Food laboratory
  • A Pharmaceutical QC Lab

The Autopol I, II, and III may be a great option for you.

Are you a Research laboratory then the Autopol IV is an excellent option for your laboratory, with 6 wave lengths and 0.002o accuracy and optional Temptrol Electronic sample heating and cooling?

The Autopol V and V PLUS are a leading choice for university, pharmaceutical, and fine chemical research laboratories.

  • Comes standard with six available wavelengths
  • Comes standard with TemptrolTM automatic electronic heating and cooling with precise temperature control from 15o to 40oc
  • Rudolph’s best quality optics
  • 32 GB’s internal flash memory and
  • Large and bright touch screen displays
  • IQOQPQ documentation is included

Perhaps you are operating a highly regulated Pharmaceutical laboratory and need high accuracy and full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11. Then the Autopol V and V PLUS would be ideal for your laboratory.

  • Patented TemptrolTM automatic electronic heating and cooling with precise temperature control from 15o to 40oc is standard
  • Built in 21 CFR Part 11 software is an available option
  • 6 Wavelengths are standard with additional wavelengths available
  • 3 Rotation Quartz Plate is standard on the Autopol V PLUS
  • IQOQPQ documentation is included
  • 325nm wavelength is available to measure USP Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide

If you a research laboratory seeking the most accurate and advanced Polarimeter available today? The Autopol VI is the most advanced and capable polarimeter available today.

  • Includes all the features of the Autopol V and V PLUS
  • 0.0003 accuracy for low rotation samples of +-/10 Arc
  • Large 10.4 inch tiltable touch screen with 200 nits brightness
  • Our most advanced Polarimeter for the most demanding laboratories.

Does your lab work with strong acids and bases such as 6 Molar HCl ?

Only Rudolph addresses the issues associated with these corrosive samples with our exclusive Ceramic Quartz Polarimeter Sample Cell.

  • Ceramic Quartz is similar to Borosilicate Glass in its resistance to strong acids and has a similar temperature coefficient as Hastealloy.
  • Rudolph’s exclusive design also incorporates an improved sample flow through the cell to reduce cavitation and air bubbles.

Available only from Rudolph, the Ceramic Quartz Cell comes standard on the Autopol V PLUS and Autopol VI

Is the handling or volume of sample you measure of concern? With decades of experience helping laboratories operate more efficiently Rudolph has developed a long list of sample handling options.

  • The Rudolph fill station allows the filling of cells quickly, away from the instrument, without bubbles and with minimal contact with the sample. A light indicates when you cell is properly filled.
  • Rudolph’s exclusive AutoFillTM was developed to completely simplify cell filling and cleaning. Operators simply pour their sample in, measure, rinse and dry, all from the easy to access AutoFillTM sample loading well.
  • Full Sample loading and cleaning automation is achieved with Rudolph AutoFlex R837 sample carousel. The most flexible auto sampler available to load your Polarimeter samples or combine with several instruments to create a combination of automated measurements for your specific application. RI, Density, Color, PH, and Optical rotation can all be rapidly measured from one sample.

When selecting a Polarimeter you must consider several important factors.

  • Total life of instrument costs – A quality instrument lasts longer and performs better. Rudolph guarantees to provide parts and service for you instrument for 20 Years.
  • Availability of service – An instrument that is not working is of little value to you. Rudolph provides responsive service that our customers continually rate as exceptional.
  • Impact on your user – Rudolph offers Polarimeters with a wide range of automatic sample handling options and user friendly features.
  • Finally, Rudolph has highly experienced staff who will understand your application and make proper instrument recommendations so you buy the polarimeter that you need. This is why customers select Rudolph Polarimeters and this is why we have the largest installed user base of any polarimeter manufacturer in the world.

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