The Rudolph Research J257 & J357 Refractometers

Rudolph’s J257 is a Digital, Bench-top Refractometer, featuring electronic cooling and heating with an extended, refractive index (RI), measurement range.

The wide range of 1.26 – 1.72 means that this instrument can measure all materials in every pharmacopeia.One of the most capable and advanced digital, bench-top refractometers available for use in modern laboratories today. The extra wide measurement range makes the J257 a great fit for measuring essential oils used in the cosmetics industry as well as volatile samples in the chemicals industry.

The Rudolph Research J 257 offers exclusive, Dual Peltier, Heating and Cooling for effective temperature control, rugged easy to clean prism, shallow sample well, and several industry specific configurations. Unquestionable accuracy, easy to use, rugged design.