J157HA-BUTYRO Refactometer

J157HA-BUTYRO Refractometer – for the Analysis of Food in Line with Indian Food Safety Standards.

J157HA-BUTYRO Refractometer

All J157HA BUTYRO Refractometer offers the following features:

  • Range 1.32 to 1.53 Refractive Index / 0 – 100 Brix which is sufficient to measure all edible oil and sugar materials in standards
  • Accuracy of 0.00002 Refractive Index / 0.02 Brix
  • Built in temperature control from 10° to 65°C enabling the instrument to measure at the present temperature required by the Indian standards without using a water bath
  • Flat, easy clean prism which is a very important feature when the instrument is used with materials like oils and fats or sticky, high Brix, syrups
  • Selectable operating mode, either the fully featured mode designed to allow an experienced chemist to have maximum control or the simplified Load and Go mode where factory operators and make compliant measurements without touching the screen
  • Data can be either printed or saved directly to a network.

Special features for the J157HA-BUTYRO model:

  • Can measure in Butyro as that scale is needed for the measurement of edible oil in India
  • All methods from the Indian food safety standards list are preloaded, the user simply selects the name and all parameters are programmed.

The J157HA-BUTYRO Refractometer is part of the Rudolph Research Refractometer Product Line and shares many quality features carried throughout the entire product line.