J57AB & J157ABJ57AB /J157AB Refractometers for Measurement of Urea Concentration for Diesel Engine Additives


Designed in accordance with DIN 70071 / ISO 22241-2

Basic operation

The J57AB is a sub model of the J57HA and most details on the Technical Bulletin 941 apply; the J157AB is

a sub model of the J157 and most details on Technical Bulletin 940 apply. The differences between the AB

and the standard models are:


Both instruments have improved temperature performance to better than 0.02oC, meeting the requirements of

DIN 70071 / ISO 22241-2

Scale (Part number 30593-2)

The J57AB displays results in refractive index or % Urea.

The J157AB allows a user to change the calculation of Urea by changing the f number or by entering the Biruret.

Optional accessories

Both the J57AB and J157AB can export data to a USB stick or strip printer

The J157AB is fully networkable and can be connected to:

– Network Printer

– Autosampler

– Barcode Reader


J57 – J157 AB
Refractometer Technical Bulletin