Ultra Low Volume Refractometer

Ultra Low Volume Refractometer


The Ultra Low Volume Refractometer (ULV) option is designed for situations where only a very limited amount of sample is available. This is often related to the biological sciences, but the ULV instrument will handle the same range of materials that a standard refractometer will.


Compared with a standard J257, J357, J457 refractometer the ULV model uses a smaller volume sample well design with steeper sides. The presser is replaced with a sample locating stick that brings the sample to the exact measurement point. Samples are able to be loaded quickly with the Ultra Low Volume Refractometer presser.

Low Volume refractometer presser


The ULV option is available on the J257, J357 and J457 refractometers. The specification of the refractometer remains as per the relevant technical bulletins except:

Minimum sample volume is 10µl

Maximum temperature is 60°C

Small Volume Refractometer Presser

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