Octapol® Red




• Specially formulated to reduce finer particles from raw sugar juice.

• Contains no Lead or any other toxic heavy metals.

• Contains no toxic chemicals of any kind.

• Environmentally-friendly.

• Organics constituents are biodegradable.

• Effective clarification…suitable for use in the Factory Laboratory.

• Rapid filtration…suitable for use in the Core Laboratory.

• No shipping restrictions…. can be shipped worldwide by sea or air.

• Stable indefinitely in the unactivated state…may be used for 30 days after activation.

• Laboratory procedures available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

• No special equipment or procedures required…procedures same as for historical usage of Lead Subacetate.

• Cost is reasonable…. varies with type sample, but  roughly about $0.10 per sample.

Shipping is determined at the time of shipment based on quantity, weight, and final destination. For larger shipments please inquire about Bulk Octapol® Orders.