Automatic Saccharimeters, Rudolph Research, AUTOPOL 880T & 880 PLUS Series

This is Rudolph’s latest and most advanced model. It was developed and tested in conjunction with labs testing pharmaceutical grade sugars. These labs require precise temperature control yet still want flow through cell type operation. For sugar trade labs and contract work that demands the best and most advanced saccharimeter in the world.
This option is only suitable for air conditioned modern laboratories.

The 880T saccharimeter is a dual wavelength microprocessor based saccharimeter capable of measuring at both 589 nm and 880 nm. The 880 nm ICUMSA Approved near infrared wavelength allows measurement of dark sugar factory juices, while the AUTOPOL Automatic Saccharimeter Purity Mode allows simultaneous measurement and display of PURITY, BRIX and POL.

Saccharimeter 880

Dual Wavelengths

The most important feature of the AUTOPOL® saccharimeter models IIZ, 88o, 880T, and 880 PLUS are their ability to measure at two wavelengths: 589 nm and 880 nm (NIR). Select 589 nm for conventional analysis using chemicals or lead clarifiers, or select 880 nm for polarimetric sugar measurements in the near infrared (NIR). 880 nm is above the absorption level of most dark sugar factory solutions allowing measurement of filtered but non-lead clarified juices. The dark sample measurement bar gets darker in proportion to the darkness of the sample being measured. When the bar is completely dark the instrument has reached its measurement limit. The 880T / 4W AUTOPOL® saccharimeter offers 2 additional wavelengths to further expand measurement options.

Patented TempTrol™ Technology Eliminates the Need for a Water Bath. Here is How the TempTrol™ System Works:

The 880T  saccharimeter offers Rudolph’s exclusive TempTrol™ System which allows push-button temperature control of your TempTrol™ 100mm cell, 200mm cell or Quartz Control Plate. Set the temperature, push “measure” and walk away. The AUTOPOL V will heat or cool to a predefined temperature and then provide you with the result, all in one easy step.

The TempTrol™ System will accurately control your sample temperature to within ±0.2°C. This is particularly important for laboratory work when measuring pharmaceutical grade sugars.

Dilution and Cell Length Correction

Whether your sugar analysis requires a 25mm, 50mm, 100 mm or 200 mm cell, whether you use 1/2 normal (13g/100ml), 1/4 normal (6.5g/100ml) or full weight sugar solutions, the AUTOPOL®  880 and 880T saccharimeters provide the correct multiplier to display the reading as if the sample were prepared as a 1 normal solution in a 200 mm optical path-length cell.

Automatic Calibration

Calibrating an AUTOPOL® saccharimeter is quick and simple. First, place a Rudolph Quartz Control Plate calibration standard on the optical rails and enter the Quartz Plate value in the appropriate window. Second, enter the temperature to correct the measurement to either the ICUMSA standard temperature of 20°C or the Tropical reference temperature of 27.5°C. Third, press 2 buttons and calibration is complete. (See Technical Bulletin 913 for more details on Rudolph Calibration Standards)


All Rudolph Instruments carry our exclusive 20 Commitment to service your instrument.

Rudolph Research Analytical offers a comprehensive range of Preventive Maintenance and Service Programs. Rudolph has demonstrated a commitment to its customers by keeping installed instruments operational, not only for 20 years, but in some cases for over 40 years. This long-term commitment to keeping our instruments running makes the cost of ownership, over the life of a Rudolph Instrument, one of the lowest in the laboratory market segment. At the date this document was published, there is no other laboratory instrument manufacturer guaranteeing service and technical support for 20 years. View the entire 20 Service Guarantee. 

Saccharimeter Autopol 880 PLUS & 880T PLUS – Specifications

AUTOPOL 880T & 880 Plus Saccharimeter Specifications
Optical Wavelengths

Standard - 589nm, 88nm

Optional - 587nm, 882nm

Wavelength Selection

Selectable: 2 standard, 4 optional

Measuring Mode

°Z (ISS), Optical Rotation or User Defined Scale, Purity % Sugar

Measuring Range

±89.9° Arc Optical Rotation,

±259°Z (ISS)


0.001° Arc Optical Rotation,

0.01°Z (ISS)


0.001° Arc Optical Rotation,

0.01°Z (ISS)


0.01°Z (ISS)

Measuring Scale

°Z (ISS)


Glan Thompson Calcite

Temperature Control

TempTrol™ Automatic Electronic Heating & Cooling 18°C - 40°C - 880T and 880T PLUS only.

Temperature Correction

18°C - 40°C

TempTrol™ Accuracy

±0.2°C TempTrol accuracy

Temp. Probe Range

10°C - 40°C

Temp. Probe Accuracy


Measurement Time


Light Source

Tungsten-Halogen 6V, 20W, avg. 2,000 hr life

Optional Light Source

LED 20-30 mA, 100,000 hr. avg. life

Sample Chamber

Accepts sample tubes up to 200mm

Data Storage


Communication Interface

1 x Serial, 1 x VGA, 1 x HDMI, 2 x Cat 5, 4 x USB ports


Automatic calibration via touchscreen

Purity Software


Connection to Refractometer



10.4" diagonal, 800-600 pixels, color, Flat Panel Monitor with resistant Touch Screen Interface, 200 nits brightness, gasketted for spill protection.

User Interface


Automatic Sensitivity Control

Measures samples with transmittance as low as 0.01% (up to OD 4.0)

Input Power

100 - 240V, 50/Hz

Operating Dimensions

32"W x 11.5"H x 18"D

813mm W x 292mm H x 457mm D

Shipping Dimensions

43" W x 28" H x 23" D

1411mm W x 919mm H x 722mm D

Operating Weight

95 lbs. (43 kg)

Shipping Weight

130 lbs. (59 kg)