Laboratory Automation, Density, Refactive Index, AutoFlex R837

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Laboratory Automation, for Density, Refactive Index, Color, Optical Rotation, Measurements

Introducing the Autoflex R837 Laboratory Automation Redefine. Years of laboratory automation experience, user feed back and observation have resulted in one of the most capable and flexible solutions to automated sample handling.
AutoFlex R837 features:

Superior Material Construction – Unmatched Durability

Rugged stainless steel needle with sufficient torque to pierce any septum.

PTFE, TEFLON and PEEK liquid flow Path Material

Safety Guard to protect hands

Modular Design to reduce footprint

Eliminate sample Cross contamination with complete needle cleaning – A Rudolph Exclusive Feature

Automation systems should have no net effect on your sample measurements.

The Rudolph R837 is the only brand that cleans both the INSIDE and OUTSIDE of the needle to eliminate cross contamination.

The R837 rinses the entire system with your choice of 3 solvents and also includes low solvent detection.

Flexible Rack Configurations are Available

The R837 is the only brand that allows for the use of custom racks and bottles so that the customer does not have to decant the sample into manufacturer supplied bottles or tubes. Send us your vial and we will manufacture a customized rack for your lab. Racks can be created for your samples: Test Tubes, Boston Rounds, 1 oz, ½ oz, virtually any size bottle.

Heated and Unheated Racks in the same carousel

Flexible Laboratory Automation Solution

Automate your Density, Specific Gravity, Optical Rotation, Specific Rotation, Refractive Index, Color, and pH measurements

Push the start button and measure any or all of the following – Density, Specific Gravity, Refractive Index, BRIX, Optical Rotation , Specific Rotation, Color, and pH. The R837 is the only brand that operates in a Windows 7 Embedded environment and can connect directly to the customer’s LIMS or SAP system for data handshake, download, and transfer.

One or more Methods may be assigned to each carousel rack or individual sample locations. Load the samples in the rack based on the measurement you want to make or change the Method for that rack for complete flexibility.

A Rudolph Research Exclusive Feature.

The R837 is the only method based auto sampler solution in the marketplace that allows a different method for each rack section. Each method can have its own pump speed rinse time which can include up to 3 rinses and a custom drying time. Each method can also function in suction mode for light samples or in pressure mode for viscous thick samples. A Method includes any combination of measurement types, sample bottle size, heating, and sample handling options including suction mode, pressure mode, and system cleaning options.

The R837 is the only automation system offering automatic bar-code reading with test tube or bottle spin detector so the tube or bottle can be placed in any position in the rack. Vials are automatically rotated for faster more accurate label reading

No need for special bar code placement or handling.

Sample may be mixed by agitation prior to sample load. Sample is then loaded using suction or pressure mode. SMART TECHNOLOGY TM automatically adjusts pumping speed to handle various viscosities.

The R837 has a sample reclaim feature that returns at least 95% of the sample to the vial.

Smart Sample Load Technology

SMART TECHNOLOGYTM automatically adjusts pump speed ranging from thin to high viscosity samples up to 36,000 mPa-s (cP) The heated rack option handles heavy crudes and waxes.

Flexibility Unmatched with embedded Windows 7

User interface allows the operator to interrupt a measurement routine with an urgent sample. Use the auto-find feature to search and quickly find a specific sample.

Automated Data Collection

Use any format of barcodes PDF 417, QR Code, 2D Matrix, UPC Code

AUTOFLEX R837 – Exclusive features and firsts!

  • Engineered for maximum sample handling flexibility
  • Exclusive – Full inside and outside needle cleaning
  • Exclusive – Nearly unlimited sample vial sizes
  • Exclusive – Windows 7 Embedded OS with automated data collection
  • Exclusive – Sample handling flexibility with unlimited combination of suction, pumping, heating, sample vials, drying
  • Exclusive – Method driven with multiple methods available on the same carousel
  • Exclusive – Urgent sample capable – Interrupt a sample routine any time to make a single sample.

The R837 is simply the most advanced, flexible, powerful automation solution in the marketplace.

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