The Rudolph Line of DDM Density Meters

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Rudolph Research Analytical has the right Density Meter for your application.

Are you a;
Petroleum / Chemical Laboratory?
Spirits Distillery?
University or education Lab?
A Food or Beverage laboratory.
A Pharmaceutical QC Lab.
Flavor and fragrance laboratory.

The Rudolph DDM 2910, 2911 and 2911 PLUS all share several common features.

  • Rudolph DDM offers excellent visibility of the instrument’s U-Tube
  • Exclusive 2X, 6X and 10X view of the U-Tube – so you can see any potentially error causing bubbles.
  • A full and clear view of the entire U-Tube is possible at 2X magnification without any obstruction.
  • The U-Tube can also be viewed at 6 times magnification and 10 times and scanned back and forth so the entire U-Tube is visible.

The Rudolph DDM uses modern software and offers the technology needed in today’s modern Lab

  • Windows Embedded operating system gives a friendly PC type environment and flexibility to easily add a printer, keyboard, or bar code reader.
    32 gigabytes of internal flash memory allow almost unlimited capacity for saving measurement data. Need more data storage, simple add a thumb-drive or export to your network.
  • Five USB ports – 2 Forward facing and 3 rear facing
  • Cat 5 Ethernet port for Network Cable Connection.
  • 1 RS 232 Port
  • Oscillating U-Tube with Viscosity Correction and Reference Oscillator
  • cGMP/GLP Calibration

Ergonomic design
A laboratory instrument should fit easily in your laboratory and be comfortable to use. The Rudolph DDM has a small foot print, easy to operate touch screen which is tilt able making it comfortable for taller or shorter operators to use.

Flexible Method Management.
The Rudolph DDM Density meters come with and can be customized with a wide variety of methods. New methods are easily added by the user.
For unique measurement applications, easily create a sample method using an unlimited number of Concentration Tables, Formulas, and Polynomials to match the measurement methods used in your laboratory.

  • Full 21 CFR Part 11 Instrument Level Compliance
  • The Rudolph DDM Density Meter’s 21CFR Part 11 module is easily enabled through the user friendly touch screen and allows you full compliance to 21CFR Part 11 requirements.
  • Rudolph understands your industry and application

Beverages, Spirits, Wines

  • The DDM 2911 PLUS is approved by the US TTB for % ethanol / Proof testing for alcohol spirits.
  • Widely used in facilities for testing during beverage production.
  • Food, Flavor, Fragrance
  • Used to monitor batch consistency and ensure proper blending ratios
  • Add automation and measurement of Refractive Index, Brix, Color, PH, and optical rotation to the density measurement for a fully automated solution.

Petroleum and Chemical Applications

  • The Rudolph DDM Series of Density Meters is ideal for demanding Chemical and Petroleum laboratories.
  • Measure API, Density, and Specific gravity in accordance with ASTM Petroleum requirements
  • Check batch consistency and ensure proper blending ratios
  • Withstands harsh environments and aggressive chemicals
  • Calibrate using petroleum standards


  • Capable of 2, 3, 4 or more multiple measurements with standard deviation, mean, min and max reading for true cGLP/GMP compliance
  • Complete IQ/OQ/PQ documentation
  • 21CFR Part 11 Compliance
  • Compliant with USP <8417>, ISO 17025, JP, BP and EP

The DDM series of Density Meters offer flexibility to meet your sample handling requirements.

  • Fully and semi-automatic sample loading options are available.
  • Standard loading via syringe is the most popular only 3 ml’s are needed
  • Semi-Automatic loading and cleaning can be achieved with a peristaltic pump, Rudolph ECS or the Rudolph AutoFillTM system.
  • Only the Rudolph AutoFillTM System allows for easy sample loading and cleaning with a convenient pour-in design. Easy to load, and easy to clean.
  • Rudolph also offers fully automated sample loading with R837 Auto Sampler. The most flexible Auto Sampler in the marketplace uses your containers in custom racks. Samples can be pushed or sucked, agitated, or heated. Reads any bar code, in any position. Run one method or several, all on the same carousel and always available, one-off urgent samples not a problem. Greatly increases productivity!

At Rudolph we have you covered with expert instrument and application advise combined with our exclusive 20 Year commitment to service your instrument.

Why not give us a call today and learn more about the Rudolph DDM line of Density Meters.