The Rudolph Research J457 Refractometer

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The most capable refractometer in the Rudolph Research Refractometer product line.

Rudolph’s J457 Automatic Refractometer is available in a Standard, Factory & Wall-Mount Configuration.

One of the most capable and advanced digital, bench-top refractometers available for use in modern laboratories today. The Rudolph Research J 457 offers exclusive, Dual Peltier Heating and Cooling for effective temperature control, rugged easy to clean prism, shallow sample well, and several industry specific configurations. Unquestionable accuracy, easy to use, rugged design.

Refractometer, Rudolph’s J457 with Smart Measure™ Technology Improves Results!

Rudolph’s exclusive Smart Measure™ Technology that virtually insures accurate Refractive Index (RI) and BRIX, measurements by automatically detecting when the prism is improperly cleaned, insufficient sample is loaded, or if the instrument is improperly calibrated.