Alcohol Proof Measurement – Testimonial Palmetto Moonshine

Testimonial Palmetto Moonshine

March 26, 2015

Attn: Mike Pierpont
Rudolph Research Analytical Manager, Densitometry
55 Newburgh Road
Hackettstown,  NJ 07840


Palmetto moonshine began needing a consistent method to monitor and record our

alcohol based products for our consumers and to the strict requirements of the Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). There are many different methods that one could monitor and record the exact proof of their products but only a few methods approved to be used by the TTB that provides the definitive results of the findings such as the DDM2911 Plus (Density Meter).
I began asking friends and business associates within the industry about these various types of methods and concepts and which companies supplied the best equipment, best value, and best service. We researched online, spoke on the phone, read interviews of customers and then met with the reps of these different companies. After several months Palmetto Moonshine realized that there seemed to be only one provider that met those requirements. Rudolph Research.
From our first email requesting general information about Rudolph Research products, Mike was very responsive and extremely knowledgeable about not only the products that Rudolph research sold but the industry itself. During the time of trial testing of the equipment to the final visit 30 days after the installation to ensure the machine was still suiting our needs, our distillery staff learned a lot about the customers and experiences of Mike that spanned the globe from micro distilleries to NASA. I was not only impressed by his experience but the equipment of Rudolph Research offered.
As a young micro distillery that experienced fast exceptional growth, we needed a reasonable financial solution for our testing needs. Rudolph Research user friendly interface, price point, equipment size and utility of use coupled with the education and knowledge of Mike made our decision a no brainer of what was best for us. Palmetto Moonshine is proud to use and promote the density meter to our industry colleagues and will  be more than happy to answer any direct question from any future customers of Rudolph Research.

Palmetto Moonshine Owner
Brian P. Boggs


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