Refurbished Polarimeters (Used)

Refurbished polarimeters are instruments that have been traded in by companies replacing their older Rudolph Research Analytical polarimeter models with new ones. These instruments are rebuilt and re-calibrated at the factory and sold with 2 year warranties. Although these instruments have older style covers and displays, they provide the same accuracy and reproducibility of newer instruments, and are half the price (or less) of a new model. Re-manufactured – refurbished polarimeters can be a great option for lower volume labs, schools, universities, or anywhere that high accuracy is needed but budget will not allow for a new instrument.

Refurbished Autopol Polarimeters can look like one of the following:


Refurbished Polarimeter, Autopol® IV, originally manufactured in the 90’s

Refurbished used polarimeter 1

Refurbished (Used) Autopol® IV Polarimeter, originally manufactured in the 80’s

Refurbished used polarimeter 3

Refurbished Polarimeters, Autopol® II and III, originally manufactured in the 70’s

Refurbished Polarimeter 70's


Pricing is a function of instrument age and model, selection can vary so please inquire below about availability.

Refurbished Polarimeter

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Refurbished Polarimeters – Specifications