Refractometer Accessories, Printers, Calibration Standards.

Rudolph Research provides a wide range of printers and accessories to make your any of the Rudolph Research line of Laboratory Refractometers a more productive instrument in your laboratory.

Full Page Printers

Optional InkJet Printer

Optional Laser Printer


These office style printers have the following advantages:

  • Multiple readings per page
  • Cheap to replace
  • Consumables may already be stocked by the end user for their office printers
  • Large paper size (Letter or A4) often preferred by regulator bodies such as FDA
  • Printout does not get “lost” in a standard file cabinet

Refractometer Strip Printer

Strip printers have the following advantages:

  • Small footprint
  • Designed for rough industrial environments
  • Commonality with other industrial equipment such as scales
  • Industrial product with long model run, same printer is often available for many years

Refractometer Calibration – Brix Standards

Rudolph Offers a complete line of certified refractometer calibration Brix standards. Manufactured in accordance with ICUMSA guidelines for laboratories who must comply with ICUMSA standards. A wide range of Sucrose based concentrations are available

Refractometer Calibration Standards


Barcode Reader

For high sample volume labs a bar-code reader is often essential. The J Series refractometer can be connected to a range of industry standard bar-code readers.

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Rudolph Research Analytical manufactures automatic, digital, bench-top refractometers for a wide variety of industries. With over 5,000 laboratory instruments installed in demanding applications worldwide and thousands still in use that were manufactured in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, Rudolph has established itself as a premier vendor well known for its quality, reliability and is NVLAP certified. Rudolph has also consistently set the pace for innovative design and features that bring new and important functionality to its market leading line of refractometers. Our service and responsiveness come from a deep commitment to serving our customers with integrity, quality and innovation that we have maintained for over 50 years. Please read one of our customer testimonials.