VerilinkRx Drug Diversion Alert System

VeriLinkRx®for Narcotic / Drug Diversion Testing

  • Drug Diversion is a problem, because 15% of healthcare professionals struggle with drug dependence at some point
    in their career contributing to the drug diversion problem.
  • Testing narcotics returned to the hospital pharmacy with the VeriLinkRx® alerts staff to tampered or sub-therapeutic dosage levels.
  • The VeriLinkRx® can be used to test Morphine, Hydromorphone, Oxycodone, Fentanyl, and other narcotics.
  • Standard existing chain of custody control measures like biometric scanning, audit trails, passwords, and witness documentation are not sufficient to ensure that narcotics are returned to the hospital pharmacy untampered and undiluted.
  • An analytical method, like Rudolph’s VeriLinkRx® , is a reliable and cost effective solution to verify that the actual narcotic is returned to the hospital pharmacy.
  • Outsourced laboratory testing is too slow and expensive to test returned narcotics that are administered daily.


VeriLinkRx Sample Needle

Why $200 – $1,000 hand held refractometers don’t work?

Hand held refractometers are performance limited because their inexpensive components drift and fluctuate with temperature and sample conditions. Hand held refractometers work fine to differentiate between a 10° and 11° Brix food product, but they do not have the refractive index accuracy and temperature control stability to distinguish the Refractive Index difference between substances such as Fentanyl and water.

The VeriLinkRx® was developed by Rudolph using technology predicated on rigorous pharmaceutical standards such as USP<831>. To meet the verifiable ± 0.000005 reproducibility the VeriLinkRx® has a highly stable measurement and temperature control system allowing the VeriLinkRx® to stabilize the sample temperature to 20°C ± 0.01°C , before measurement thereby eliminating measurement and temperature errors. The operating system and graphical user interface are designed using strict pharmaceutical compliance criteria. Although Rudolph is relatively new to hospital pharmacies, it has a 60 year history supplying instruments for pharmaceutical quality control.

Drug Diversion Deterrent

An affordable in-house system to monitor returned samples

The VeriLinkRoffers a practical solution to monitor samples of narcotics returned to the hospital pharmacy. An easy to perform and fast measurement will alert staff that the returned sample does not match what was dispenses originally. Using a highly accurate refractive index measurement, pharmacy staff can be quickly alerted to possible incidences of drug diversion or tampering. Once alerted management can decide if further 3rd party testing should be pursued. The VeriLinkRthus offers hospitals a method to monitor not only the physical vials of dispensed narcotics but the actual contents.

  • A high volume, low cost presumptive test.
  • Time – 60 second sampling time.
  • Sample – Only 200 micro-liters is needed.
  • Data stored in a searchable and exportable database with verification result, patient ID, medical user name and time stamps.
  • Easy to use by technicians and pharmacists – minimal training is required.
  • Create a custom library of drugs at your facility

Drug Diversion - Hospital Refractometer

Secure Data Backup

The VeriLinkR can be used in either stand alone or network mode. When used in stand alone mode all data is automatically backed up to an external drive. When used in network mode all data is backed up to a network. For all data storage options see: Refractometer Data Storage

The VeriLinkRx is easily integrated into your hospital pharmacy workflow.

  • Testing returned Narcotics with VeriLinkRx® takes just seconds.
  • Hospital pharmacists can integrate the VeriLinkRx® into their work flow by adding an audit or spot check routine.
  • Audits can be done for individual staff, shifts or departments: returning narcotics can be routinely or randomly tested and deviations noted.
  • Inspection of historical VeriLinkRx® data can show patterns requiring investigation or further action.
  • Further action can include:
  1. Investigation of suspect samples.
  2. Third party testing.
  3. Urine testing for individual staff, shifts, or departments.

Benefits – Becomes a part of your chain of custody program

  • A high volume, low cost way to combat drug diversion.
  • Measurement time required – 10 seconds.
  • Sample volume – 200 microliters.
  • Measurment information is stored in a searchable and exportable database along with verification result, patient ID, medical staff, time and date.
  • VeriLinkRx® is easy to use with minimal training.
  • Create a baseline drug reference library for each drug in your facility.
  • VeriLinkRx® detects when Fentanyl has been diluted.

Quality Laboratory Instrument designed for High Accuracy and Long-Life

The VerilinkR is part of the Rudolph Research Refractometer Product Line and shares many quality features carried throughout the entire product line.

The Rudolph VeriLinkRx® is a valuable addition to any hospital pharmacy looking to stay a step ahead of drug diversion and exposure to drug diversion related risks.

VeriLinkRx-Hopsital-Drug Diversion

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VeriLinkRx Hospital Refractometer – Specifications