Density Meter Testimonial P.E.T. Net Pharmaceuticals

A Rudolph Research Analytical testimonial from a Benchtop Density Meter user.

Dear Mike,  We have been very pleased with our automated density meter system from Rudolph. Since the system was installed in September, we have analyzed 3000 samples and have not had a single problem. The autosampler that you customized for us has been working great in regards to sampling directly from our process vials and returning samples to the vials without sample loss.

As far as results go, when we load samples into the autosampler racks, we analyze water “check standards” at the beginning and end of each run; the day-to-day consistency of these measurements in incredible. As you may recall, we replaced a tedious weighing method for determination of density with the automated density system. This system easily saves us three days of labor per month.

The density meter has exceeded our expectations. It provides fast, highly-accurate results and is now an integral part of our process. Overall, we could not be happier with the system.


W.F. and A.B.
P.E.T.Net Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
A Siemens Company
Knoxville, TN

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