Saccharimeter Testimonial Bryant Sugar

Automatic Refractometer & Polarimeter Testimonial I.P. Callison & Sons

Incorporating this system into our laboratory has been like adding another employee. It saves time while ensuring accurate results, and is extremely user-friendly. In addition, I’ve found that Rudolph Research Analytical goes the extra mile to ensure their customer is satisfied with their product and their service. I would highly recommend this equipment and this company to any lab as busy as ours…

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Laboratory Refractometer User Testimonial Ashland Chemical

We purchased two J257 Automatic Refractometers …Those instruments not only supply critical data in the creation and optimization of products, but they often do so as many as seven days a week. The ability to make fast, accurate and reliable determinations of refractive index in just a matter of seconds allows us to maximize the quality of our products.

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Automatic Polarimeter Testimonial Harvard University Medical School

…I have been extremely pleased with the Autopol (Polarimeter) instruments over the years…As expected, our refurbished Autopol II has been reliable and easy to use. I should add that your personal visit to help us set up the instrument was very helpful and illustrated to me that Rudolph Research stands behind its products.

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