Electronic Digital Refractometer, Rudolph Research J457 Press Release

Refractometer J457

Refractometer; New J457, Automatic, Laboratory instrument from Rudolph Research

Rudolph’s Smart Measure™ Technology takes refractometer measurement to an entirely new level. The Rudolph Research J457 digital, benchtop refractometer actually monitors sample load quality, an industry first that assists the user in properly loading samples with a resulting increase in consistency and accuracy!

Rudolph Research Analytical is the first to develop a refractometer that adds operational features that actually help users load and monitor sample quality. Many inaccuracies in modern laboratory measurements using refractometers are not caused by the refractometer but the way samples are loaded. An improperly loaded or cleaned sample well, air bubbles, insufficient volume of sample, and or improper, initial instrument calibration can result in measurement inaccuracies.

Measurement inaccuracies often go undetected as the user is unaware of the issue that caused the problem, particularly when the measurement received, is somewhat close to the expected result. Rudolph Research’s New J457’s comes equipped with Smart Measure™ Technology on-board that automatically detects when the prism is improperly cleaned, insufficient sample is loaded, or if the instrument is improperly calibrated.

The J457 Smart Measure™ Advantage

Automated, clean prism monitoring and reporting.

The Rudolph Smart Measure™ technology actually knows when the prism is clean. If the prism surface does not produce the correct “Clean Prism” result then Smart Measure™ notifies the operator that further cleaning of the prism is necessary. Only once the prism is properly cleaned will Smart Measure™ notify the operator that it is ready to measure, so the operator can continue.

Automated sample load monitoring

Rudolph’s Smart Measure™ detects when a sample has been loaded on the refractometer’s prism and immediately begins evaluating various metrics surrounding the sample load. If Smart Measure™ determines that those metrics indicate proper sample loading, it will display the result with a sample quality reading. If Smart Measure™ determines that the metrics indicate an improper sample loading has occurred, Smart Measure™ will direct the operator to clean the prism and re-load the sample. Operator judgment is not required and eye-ball alone assessments of sample load quality are eliminated.

Automated sample calibration inspection

Rudolph’s Smart Measure™ is constantly scanning the prism surface and monitoring the value measured against its stored database of results. If during a water zero the instrument detects a value that is too different from the database or the Refractive Index value being input is far from the measured value, it will alert the operator that the instrument needs further calibration or cleaning.

Smart Measure™ knows when to measure and display a result even when the operator does not. User error is greatly reduced and measurements can be utilized with additional confidence.

Smart Measure™ Features J457 (all models)

  • Dirty prism detection
  • Incorrect calibration detection
  • Insufficient sample load detection
  • Cross contamination detection
  • Improper water zero detection
  • Trapped air bubble on prism surface detection

Various configurations of the J457 Refractometer are available.

SC – Standard Bench-Top – great for laboratories, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Petroleum, Cosmetics, Petro-Chemical.

WC – Wall Mount – Measurement unit is wall mounted keeping the total foot print of the instrument to a minimum and the instrumentation away from potential spills.

FC – Factory Configuration – Measurement unit and Instrumentation can be as far as 6 feet away from each other affording flexibility and the ability to keep the instrumentation away from messy environments.

Additional information about the Rudolph Research J457 Refractometer is available here.

Peter Marriott, Rudolph Research Analytical, Refractometer Product manager may be reached at +01-973-584-1558 or pmarriott@rudolphresearch.com


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